Ocean Warfare

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When we decided we wanted to build fun GIANT games for this new rental business, we started looking for inspiration in our children’s board game collection.

We quickly decided on some classic outdoor games; like horseshoes, cornhole, and yard Yatzee.  We are also offering a few one of a kind, never before seen games like this one.  We call it OCEAN WARFARE.

Much like the game of Battleship you remember from your childhood, this game utilizes five boats placed atop a tabletop grid. A beautifully hand painted ocean scene (wall) separates you from your opponent. Players call out their target spot and mark their small grid accordingly.  You can use the hit pegs as photographed on the left.  Or, you can really have some fun, and place tiny glasses filled with your favorite drink in each of the holes.  Each time your opponent hits your ship, empty that cup.

We are having a great time making these games and preparing the party rental business for it’s opening.  All of the products we have to offer will be revealed over the next month, with more photos and details as they become available.  Follow us on Facebook for updates.  Your encouragement and enthusiasm are appreciated!