GIANT Four to Score

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Charlie sets himself for defeat with this not-so-well thought out move

Did you have a rivalry with your older brother when you were younger like me?

Perhaps unable to outmatch him in a test of strength.  Never beating him in a running race, no matter how hard you pushed your little legs to sprint.  He was always so much taller than you.  It didn’t matter how high you jumped, you could never grab your favorite toy from his upstretched hand.

Then, finally, after years of frustrating competitions and endless losses, you whooped him in the greatest test of wits and logistical strategy that is Connect Four!  You proved once and for all, that he may be bigger and stronger, but you are smarter.

If you are anything like me, you are going to want to call your brother right now and throw down the GIANT four to score challenge. Rent it for your weekend getaway in Galena Territory and relive the magic of repeatedly beating him the whole weekend long.

And now that you are finally taller than him, make sure you steal his favorite toy (his phone) and put it somewhere he can’t reach. HAHAHHHAAA!