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We have so many games!

The family business went on a board game shopping spree this spring.  Then we proceeded to test the playability of each and every game.  Classic Battleship quickly became a family favorite. The kids enjoyed the collaborative play in Castle Panic and the strategic gameplay of Ticket to Ride. Some other classic games in our closet: Mouse Trap, Brainwaves, Sorry, Operation, Bombardment, Clue, and Risk.

Being an eco-conscious company, we purchased about half of our games in used condition. The benefit of buying used is less plastic product packaging.  And we get to reuse something rather than waste energy making something brand new.  An added perk, is that you get a classic game board and box from way back in the day with hilariously familiar graphics.  The happy families on the backside of the game boxes with their fancy sweaters and poofy bangs are just too much.  Enjoy!





Now that the games are tested and we know they are going to bring your family hours of joy, we are ready to package them up and send them out to your vacation rental in Galena, IL.  Browse our Board Game Category to see which package works best for you and your vacation roomies. Then send us a message and we will finalize the booking details.



We deliver our game packages to your vacation rental property in an easy to organize tote. When your rental period is over, simply leave the tote for us to pick up at the designated time.  Send us a message with your travel plans, and we will send you a quote.  Gaming on vacation has never been this easy. Yes!


Secure payments are accepted via Amazon Pay and PayPal.  Contact our shop for availability.